Paint Yoga Flow

An opportunity for you to freely express yourself, and reignite your creativity. Be guided through a fun yoga flow, dipping your hands and toes in paint, and coming out with a masterpiece, and a deep sense of confidence & relief. 


Feel more at ease

Release emotions that are stagnant, through yogic movements. 

Be agile for life

Build strength and create space in both your body & your mind. 

Build Confidence

Reconnect to you, your spirit, and trust yourself more. 

Where and When?

 Different locations available throughout australia. 

Bring your own:
-water bottle + towel

-wear something comfortable that can get full of paint. 

We provide:

- the Canvas (you get to take it home at the end)

-Yoga mats (placed under the canvas for comfort)

-Paint (body-friendly, non-toxic)

-Guided yoga instruction + art tips

-Free time where we turn the music up, the lights down, and freely hit the canvas.


For upcoming event dates + Tickets, click BOOK below (Eventbrite). 

1x Artsana Entry:
Painting Yoga Flow

Turn the music up, the lights down, and hit the canvas.
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"I loved the freedom,  forgot the yoga at one stage, got back into it. Will come again soon. Namaste"

Events Facilitator