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 Programs & classes to express and empower you. Reconnect with your body to play more and laugh louder. For the Mumma that feels a little lost. For the creative lacking inspiration. For you hard workers needing a breather and reliever. And for our youth to live with confidence and feel more at ease.




A different way to move & play. Dive into our creative styles of yoga to:

  • Shake up your routine
  • Help release any stagnant emotions
  • Guide you to explore self-expression
  • Cultivate your creativity
  • Build deep confidence beyond your mat

How? Emotions are energy in motion.
Using your breath, yogic movements, sound, and focus, you can shift your energy into a lighter feeling state. To be more grounded & to reconnect with your calm place within.

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& Classes:

Artsana: Paint Yoga Flow

A playful way to get creative and express yourself. Get into your body and evoke your inner child through paint and yoga. See the upcoming dates near you...

Rhythmic Vinyasa

Get out of your head and into your body. A fun vinyasa yoga class.  
Weekly on Wednesdays
@ 5:45pm in Beenleigh, QLD 

Bring Artsana to your School / Office

This practice stimulates creativity, and confidence. Give your students and workers a toolkit to self regulate their emotions and face challenges with ease. 

Meet The Souls 
Behind Artsana

Brydie O'Halloran

Yoga Teacher & Psychologist

Having studied the mind and human behaviour, Brydies curiousity continues to understand why we do things. Finding Yoga gave her relief throughout her life, when feeling uncertain. She now wants to share that with others. 

Jackie Gith

Yoga Teacher & Creative Director

As a former photographer, Jackie saw people struggling with their insecurities alot. Claiming they wished they were creative and more confident. It's now her mission to enable that courage in others and build their deep inner confidence and trust in themselves, by getting back in touch with their bodies. 

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I feel more flexible, stronger and free afterward. It was an amazing kickstart to get in better shape for this year. You have an amazing knack for teaching yoga. I really enjoyed it.


School Teacher

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I'm enjoying the classes, they are very good and I'm keeping the links so I can go back and visit my faves! I'm certainly feeling more grounded and relaxed after a session. I find i may do more than one session on a day.


Wonderfully relaxing. The flow of the asanas is very comfortable and enjoyable and I feel beautifully stretched, strengthened and calm afterwards. Jackie is a very capable, accommodating and accomplished teacher.


This is what I was looking for. Great teacher, easy going. Big fun.