2022 July 27th

Build your courage & joy one fun-tivity at a time. 


Journey along with me and the KooKoo community. Stop sitting on the sidelines and dive right in. Building up our courage gives us energy by setting our souls on fire. 

First time here? The secret is in the action, stepping out of your prescribed box of "normal" and giving it a go. Notice how it makes you feel. It's a learning experience and I'm here cheering you on. 




Through practice, we strengthen

Do something absurd, wear a clown nose or your undies on the outside when you go to the shops. Then take a selfie with a stranger. 

What if someone laughs? Take a bow. Everyone is looking for a reason to smile, give them one and do it with confidence. Smile and wave at those who look, and notice how that makes you feel. An opportunity to stop taking yourself so seriously. 


Fill my cup up

Give yourself the best body massage you've ever had, plus compassionately get to know your own body more along the way. I try to do this once a month, and always feel incredible afterward (in a non-sexual way - just plain awesome and rejuvenated). 

  1. Get some oil for your body (I use coconut) 
  2. Set up a warm and private space. Lay a towel down where you will sit.
  3. Pop on your happy tunes.
  4. In your undies or nakie, massage your body from forehead, neck, and shoulders all the way down to your toes. Section it by limbs and dig into the spots you need it most using your fist, knuckles, and thumbs. Feel it out, be really present.
  5. Breathe and enjoy.
  6. Have a warm shower afterward. 

This method came from the Ayurvedic healing modalities. Want more guidance? 
Follow along this video with me



There's plenty and more

Leave a $5 note in a random public place for a stranger to find. 
You may think, righto Jackie how is this supposed to grow my money, if I am literally giving it away... from my own experience, and other's stories, once you let that go with no intent but to help out another, it usually returns to you multiplied. Heck, do it with a $10 note if you are feeling good and steady about it. Think of the thrilled other, who stumbles across your left-behind gift. Leave an anonymous sticky note with it if you want to add some extra *ZING*, saying something like "you are divine and deserving", or "the universe has got your back".  


 Keep being brave & breathe, 

Jackie Kookoo

  P.s. Share your stories with me! How did it go? :) 
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