Hi, I am Jackie!
I want you to know that life doesn't have to feel so heavey. Creating Space is your friend hunnayy.

I'm an active explorer, a wild and creative soul, that realized in her teens that our health and self-talk are number #1 to feeling confident and energetic! 

I’ll show you how you can maximize it for your life too!


  • Yoga Lover & Teacher
  • Fly Boarding Demonstrator
  • Professional Portrait Photographer (in QLD's top-ranked studio)
  • Paddle Boarding Enthusiast
  • Snowboarding obsessed (lived in Canada for 2 years)
  • Mum-to-be! November 2022
  • Living with my fave human, in love since I was 17 :) 
  • Ran a marathon in 2015, just cause


F*ck fitting in.  


I've people pleased before, and it's not my jam anymore. Tried to be normal and "successful" but I got so bored and ended up numbing myself to survive.

Be yourself. One of the simple and most profound things you can do. Lean into you, and into the interests that are calling you.  

You don't need to be on trend, have the best this or that, or keep up the image that others may have of you

Change as much as you want, and keep choosing what you want. 

I help ambitious & adventurous woman optimize their energy, so they can feel agile & alive on the pursuit of their goals.  

Navigate towards your dreams in a more soulful and sustainable way. 

  • I know you want it all, all at once
  • I get the feeling of burning out, it's happened to me plentiful
  • Do you feel like you've lost yourself along the way to pleasing others?
  • You believe in a higher power, and want to tap into it more
  • Frequently you get overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel because it all feels a little too much. 
  • You dream of getaways, where you can lay in a pool and have all the thoughts in your head melt away from you...
  • You want to be a bad ass boss bitch but also run around naked and care-free. 

I believe our self-image impacts how we live our lives most. 

You can upgrade it, change it, and work it into something new, anytime. 


My Favourite 6x Journal prompts to shake off any doubts. 

Go from SHY to feeling SUPER SAVVY. ;D 

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Official Bio

Jackie Gith is a 200 hr trained yoga teacher, and previous professional portrait photographer. 

She loves inspiring other's to take care of their bodies, and curate their space in their homes and minds to live out their wildest dreams.  

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Jackie runs her own business alongside being a mum of her Aussie Sheperd Pup Sushi. mini farmer to 3x Silkie chickens and a human Mumma to be (Nov 2022). 

She's observed how other's tear themselves down, not feeling confident or creative enough. Her mission is to eradicate that cultural thinking of perfection. Encourage play and experimentation, starting with the young ones, and mums. 

Jackie has spent the last 10 years living in some of the most beautiful places around Australia, and overseas. She currently lives with her husband-to-be near the Gold Coast.

Find her:


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Take my hand...
I'll guide you back to your baseline. To feel agile and ooze with confidence. 

Feel less confused, trust yourself again, and live feeling wild, curious, and free.


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