Yoga For Schools

Yoga Classes for Kids & Teens

An opportunity for the students to connect to their feelings, establish a great relationship with their bodies and build their confidence. 

Yoga can help the body heal itself, reduce stress and enhance focus. Have them walk out calmer, more compassionate, and creatively inspired. 

We offer Term Long Programs in Schools and run holiday events/activities.

Calm & at Ease

Help them understand and be able to express their emotions. 

Agile for life

Get them moving their bodies, to build strength and flexibility. Learning mindful movement for life. 

Build Confidence

Connect them to their peaceful place inside, where they feel safe. 

Bring Yoga Into
Your School

We teach yoga in an engaging way, designed to promote their health and well-being. Programs are tailored to different age groups spanning across Primary and Secondary schools.

Using Yoga Modalities, we give the students an experience, with an intentional outcome to improve their physical and mental well-being.

You will notice an instant shift in your students (if not 1-2 weeks in), plus they can take these skills they'll learn into their daily lives.


  • Promotes self-esteem and positive self-image (so important for this generation, seeing the alarming mental health statistics!)
  • Improves individual and social awareness (noticeably known to reduce bullying)
  • Calms and settles the mind (toddlers now are rising to be the next top market for anxiety medication, help us help you shift this!)
  • Enhances physical strength, fitness, and flexibility (1 in 3 kids are obese in Australia)
  • Provides skills for students to use in everyday life (better focus, resilience, and contentment).  

Per Class

$200/ Class

Between 25-30 students

  • Only $8 cost per student
  • Minimum 25 Students, Maximum 30 per class
  • 45 min or 1 hour duration class (age dependant)
  • First Trial Class is 50% off. 

Full day

$600 /Day

Up to 4x classes

  • Only $6 cost per student
  • Minimum 25 Students, Maximum 30 per class
  • 45 min or 1 hour duration classes (age dependant)
  • First Trial Day 50% off. 

Term Program

$1400/ Program

8 week Program

  • Only $47 cost per student
  • Minimum 25 Students, Maximum 30 per class
  • 45 min or 1 hour duration classes (age dependant)
  • When booking more than one class per week, receive a 20% discount. 

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"I loved the freedom,  forgot the yoga at one stage, got back into it. Will come again soon. Namaste"

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