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 The opposite of feeling 


is feeling 


Confident in your ability to figure things out.
(especially when life doesn't go as anticipated)

The Art of Yoga & Play,
 can help with that.





Why do Yoga?

  • Increase your physical body's flexibility and agility 
  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system
  • Release any perceived stress and tension
  • Build trust in your intuition, listening to your body's wisdom
  • Amplify your energy
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School & University

Help them with the transition into adulthood with ease.

Give them the ultimate toolkit, to know how to self-regulate their emotions, and bullet proof their mental health.

The mental health statistics are alarming, let's turn the tide around together.

Pre & Post Natal

Yoga is a powerful tool to navigate change.

Help them with the transition into Motherhood. Learning to accept, surrender graciously.

This will help physically & spiritually rejuvenate them, to make looking after their newborn love bundle seem a little easier. 



Working Staff & Colleagues

Happy workers give more and are more loyal. 

I bet they work hard along side you. Through mindful breaks like these, you allow them to set a different tone in their body, while in their working environment.

This will deepen their sense of belonging and enhance their resilience and focus. 

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Get the ball rolling, to have an Artsana instructor come to you and your group. 


I feel more flexible, stronger and free afterward. It was an amazing kickstart to get in better shape for this year. You have an amazing knack for teaching yoga. I really enjoyed it.


School Teacher

Meet The Souls 
Behind Artsana

Brydie O'Halloran

Yoga Teacher
& Creative Therapist

Having studied the mind and human behavior, Brydies curiosity continues to grow to understand why we do the things we do...

Finding Yoga and arts gave her relief throughout her own life when feeling uncertain. So she now merges psychology, art, and yoga to help you tap into your creative power. 

Jackie Gith

 Yoga Teacher
& Creative Director

As a former photographer, I would see women struggling with their confidence and the unnecessary tension held in their body's

It's my mission to make yoga and it's powerful teachings more accessible and practiced more often. 

It's so important to know how to pause, slow down to listen to our body's wisdom and strengthen our confidence in our own ability to figure things out. 


Collaborate With Us


I'm enjoying the classes, they are very good and I'm keeping the links so I can go back and visit my faves! I'm certainly feeling more grounded and relaxed after a session. I find i may do more than one session on a day.


Wonderfully relaxing. The flow of the asanas is very comfortable and enjoyable and I feel beautifully stretched, strengthened and calm afterwards. Jackie is a very capable, accommodating and accomplished teacher.


This is what I was looking for. Great teacher, easy going. Big fun.

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