Imagine living a life in which you 




Consider this,
your permission slip. 


Feeling a bit... "Bleh"?
Don't really know what you want in life?

A little stuck, a little numb? I know it's no fun...   



Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed, it's time to create space... your body,
and your environment. 

This will allow the life-force energy, to flow through you. Get you back that zest for life you once had, or have been longing for lately. 

I'll hold your hand through this. Letting go can be scary, especially if we feel we want MORE control, but trust is so important here.  

Get your cute butt into gear with my 30 min masterclass; helping you to sift, and get super clear on what you truly want.  There is no time for bull.

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I’m passionate about enabling courage and creativity. 

As a portrait photographer for many years, I've seen people from all walks of life, hung up on their imperfections and craving more confidence, and wishing they were creative. It's a simple shift in your beliefs and building up the courage muscle to do so. 

Before I dove into yoga coaching and healing, I also worked in real estate photography, which allowed me to observe how our ENVIRONMENT plays a HUGE role in how we act and express ourselves. Going into people's homes I could see how it directly reflects our inner confidence.

After sifting and shifting my own space around me and the energy within me, I felt such a surge of joy and ease. 

This is why I am so inspired to help you create more space in your life; through your body and your home.

"I had the privilege to work with Jackie in the 7 levels deep session, twice. She was able to facilitate this exercise with so much empathy, compassion, and curiosity. Due to her guidance, I was able to uncover the deepest of motivations within my subconscious. Subsequently was able to make meaningful changes in my life. I would recommend this exercise to anyone who is seeking clarity and an increased level of peace. Jackie’s unique personality traits enable those she works with, to go on a life-altering journey of self-discovery."



"I feel more flexible, stronger and free afterward. It was an amazing kickstart to get in better shape for this year. You have an amazing knack for teaching yoga. I really enjoyed it."


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